A Guide to Better Living:

Wellness Expert. Yoga Enthusiast. Role Model. An Inspirational Introduction to Lindsey Calla, Founder of Calla in Motion

Television host, blogger and wellness expert, Lindsey Calla, earned her reputation for making big waves online for being one of the first bloggers to cross over into television and traditional media. While she had established an impressive eight-year career as a fashion and style authority in New York City, the idea for starting her site Calla in Motion came when she realized that her personal, professional and spiritual life were completely out of balance. Deciding to leave the ‘dream life’ in New York City to spend some time with friends and family in New Orleans, she embarked on a fascinating journey that led her to the healing power of yoga and a slower pace of life that allowed her to find herself again.

In our feature A Guide to Better Living, Lindsey shares her inspiring story behind creating a site meant to radiate a calm energy and inspire people to live a life in motion, to live a life that leads with wellness instead of ego, from yoga to fitness to style to active travel.

As a wellness expert, it’s clear that you firmly believe in the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, can you tell us a little about ‘A day in the life of Lindsey Calla’?LC_vertical_0003_DSC04018

LC: “As the founder of Calla in Motion, I cover a lot of wellness, active travel, beauty, style and yoga-related content. Wellness is really a key component to what I do every day. A ‘day in the life’ really varies depending on where I am in the world. It can be anything from shooting some amazing yoga photography in the mountains, to working on my computer from home. But, I’d say the one thing that really sets the foundation of my day is my yoga practice, meditation and prioritizing myself no matter where I am in the world.”

Why is working with The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign important to you?

LC:”Working with The BCA Campaign is really a dream project. I really love to work on things that promote positivity and health, and this Campaign really embodies that. I love to be able to use a platform to help and inspire people. So, I couldn’t think of a better fit for this than to empower people to come together, take care of themselves and take care of each other, ultimately.”

How were you inspired to start a wellness platform through Calla in Motion? What are some of your personal sources of inspiration?

LC: “I find a lot of my inspiration through community. There’s an amazing community online with people who practice yoga, who love to travel and who are really into wellness like I am. It’s really about finding inspiration from other people and what they are doing that inspires me. I also find inspiration from traveling and meeting people from different countries and different cultures. Those are the things that really inspire me, and I bring them home and incorporate them into my daily routine.”

LC_horizontal_0000_DSC04189 2Can you tell us about your personal connection to breast cancer?

LC: “My aunt suffered from the disease and thankfully, she overcame it. She’s an incredibly strong woman because of it, and the family really came together during that time. Actually, I recently found out that a friend’s sister was diagnosed, so you realize that it’s really starting to permeate your most inner circles, and you’re starting to hear about it more and more. Even though you hear about breast cancer all the time, when it starts to affect those closest to you, it really hits home and you start to think about what you can do to help people who are suffering from this disease.”  

What are some of the ways you’ve supported friends or loved ones who have been impacted by the disease? What advice would you give others going through similar experiences?


I think it’s really important to show some solidarity together as a family, as a friend, to lend an ear and really listen.

Just being a presence, a positive presence in someone’s life who’s suffering from breast cancer can make a difference. It could be as simple as a phone call, sending a gift, getting up in the morning and doing something healthy together. Ultimately, it’s about coming together and doing something that promotes a positive state of mind while somebody’s suffering with this disease.”

LC_vertical_0006_DSC03673This year’s campaign is centered around the idea of togetherness; What does the word together mean to you, and how can the idea of togetherness help trigger action to help inspire and support people?

LC: “Togetherness, to me, means that there’s a collective conscious of people who are coming together for a certain cause, or for something that they believe in, and there’s a commonality there. When you come together, there’s strong energy there. I always say it’s great to vibrate at your own frequency, and a positive frequency. Energy has a way of moving from person to person without even realizing it, so if you’re putting positive energy out there, and you’re incorporating health and wellness into your everyday life, you’re being an example that other people can learn from.  I think when you get like-minded people together who share that energy, you can really make some great change, and I think that is what leads to action.”

Is there a specific message you hope people will take away from your support of this year’s Campaign?

LC: “I hope that people around the world will be inspired to prioritize health and wellness, and not just their own health and wellness, but coming together and promoting it amongst their family and friends, and the people they’re affecting.”