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Lindsey Calla’s Quick & Easy Exercise Tips You Can Do From Anywhere

It’s cold outside this time of year, so always start with a quick warm up to get the body open and ready.  This can be as simple as just a few sun salutations, perhaps also a few cat/cow movements.  

– Standing postures are a great low impact exercise for stability and strength.  Add some gentle squats in between Warrior II.  Reach up to the sky and look at your thumbs, then squat all the way down, legs wide with hands in prayer or lean back for a nice side-body stretch in a reverse warrior.

–  Twists are a fantastic way to realign the mind and body.  Lay on your back bringing knees to chest,  with your arms out to the side in a T formation.  Slowly move your hips from side to side, letting knees fall from one side to the other.  You can also twist in a seated position by bringing opposite hand or elbow to opposite knee and twisting gently.

–  Take some time to enjoy stretching and breathing.  Flexibility and strength go hand-in-hand.  When stretching, focus on inhaling to get length and exhaling to stretch a little bit deeper each time.

– If you feel safe and confident moving into advanced poses, inversions are a great way to boost circulation, bringing fresh energy to the mind and body.  They also require intense concentration, focus and attention to breath.  They can really help cultivate awareness of the body so we can better pay attention to abnormalities.  

– Testing balance is a great way to check in with yourself and your body.  Standing poses like tree can reveal a lot about how we are feeling that day and show us the places that need a little extra time or attention.  Pick a spot directly in front of your gaze, try to hold that focus while balancing and feel every outside thought leave the body.  

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