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We couldn’t be more honored to feature two of the most successful, creative professionals from O, The Oprah Magazine, both of whom embody the magazine’s mission of “Living Your Best Life.” Publisher Jayne Jamison and Creative Director Adam Glassman share their tips for how to live a healthy, confident life.


What’s the best piece of advice for a woman undergoing cancer treatment?

JJ– Find an oncologist who can handle your emotional needs, as well as the medical and physical issues that arise during treatment. And don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

You personally knew the late Evelyn H. Lauder. What is one of your fondest memories of her personally and/or professionally?

JJ– Evelyn gave me the best gift ever. She sent a makeup artist to my wedding, and I was transformed into a radiant, confident bride smack dab in the middle of chemo. She was so genuine, and you always felt like the most important person in the room when you were with her.

As a breast cancer survivor, how has the experience affected your worldview?

JJ – I feel blessed to have a very full, and healthy life; nothing is taken for granted and I no longer sweat the small stuff.

You’re pulled in a million different directions every day. How do you deal with the stress?

JJ – A brisk four mile walk outside whenever possible. And I won’t lie, an occasional glass of wine as a treat.

If you had a personal expression framed in your office, what would it say?

JJ – Oy Vey.

Do you have any keepsake or memory that is important to you?

JJ – I wore my father’s WWII dog tags every day during my treatment, close to my heart. Different battles, both life changing.

You serve on the BCRF Advisory Board, which was also founded by Evelyn, and for which The Estée Lauder Companies’ BCA Campaign is currently funding 17 research grants this year. How have you seen the impact of companies like The Estée Lauder Companies, make a difference through BCRF funded research?

JJ– The 630 million dollars raised by BCRF to fund research since ’93 has helped the survivor sisterhood grow; women are living longer with better treatment options (11 years for me!). Breakthroughs, such as Immunotherapy, are making great strides as well.

You bravely shared your experience of planning your wedding and getting married after just facing your breast cancer diagnosis. For other women who may be facing a life milestone while undergoing treatment, what would you share to inspire them?

JJ – The diversion of my attention towards a happy life event (my wedding!) helped the treatment period fly by. Inspire the next woman diagnosed that life goes on during treatment, and help her plow through it.

What are your top 3 tips for making yourself the happiest, healthiest version possible while undergoing treatment?

JJTry to maintain your routine as much as possible, for your own sanity and that of your family.

That said, listen to your body and use the cancer card to get out of any/all obligations that you aren’t feeling up to (like visiting the in-laws!).

Pamper yourself! When I had an important client meeting, I went to the Mac counter and treated myself to false eyelashes and a makeup application! Anything to feel more confident in the land of the healthy.

Adam Glassman Headshot (1) (1)You’ve curated what are arguably known as the best gift guides over the years, is there any particular item that stands out that you’d recommend giving someone who’s undergoing treatment or recently diagnosed?

AG We recently found a woman named Cynthia Cazort Collins who was diagnosed with breast cancer and created these lovely tunics for patients to wear over their hospital downs while going through treatment. They are GORGEOUS looking, great colors, chic fabric and make one feel special and pretty. They can also be used after treatment. Gifting these tunics to a loved one diagnosed with cancer is made even more special knowing that when you buy a tunic, one is also donated to a cancer treatment center to help others fighting a similar battle.

What’s the last gift you gave a friend as a pick-me-up?

AG – My go to gift is a box of fresh picked gardenias. I love them arranged in a vase, or floating in water. My personal favorite to send are from HighCamp supply, based in California. The gardenias are from Hawaii. I just recently sent the “Camp Fire” box that comes with stemmed gardenias and a Palo Santo candle.

In lieu of a tangible gift, what are some of your favorite ways to help those in your life feel special?

AG“Gifting” someone the experience of learning to meditate.   It truly is a gift to be able to escape ones outside stresses and find inner peace. Even if only for a few moments out of the day. I am crazy for this new center here in NYC called Inscape. Its a beautiful space, and they make it super simple and easy to learn. They also have their own APP, so you can meditate on your time and leisure

What’s the best style advice you’d give for someone going through a major life transition…whether it be undergoing chemo, a new job, having a child, a divorce, etc.

AG – Always embrace change. If we are not always evolving, we are staying stagnant. Hair grows back, you can always exchange a shirt, or pull together an outfit.   Style is meant to be fun and representative of your personality, and in reality. . .confidence is your best accessory.

What are your top 3 reading recommendations for 2017?

AG “Wherever You Go, There They Are” — Annabelle Gurwitch. “Unplug”- Suze Yalof Schwartz. “Food, Health and Happiness” –Oprah

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from Oprah over the years?

AG The best advice I received from Oprah was the advice she received from Maya Angelou ” when people show you who they are believe them.”

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