Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Evelyn H. Lauder launched The Estee Lauder Companies’ The BCA Campaign in 1992 with the creation of the Pink Ribbon, the universal symbol for breast health. EL

Over the past 25 years, the BCA campaign has raised more than $65 million in over 70 countries for global research, education and medical services to protect women’s health.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)Breakthrough in breast cancer research

Established by Evelyn H. Lauder in 1993, BCRF-funded investigators have been deeply involved in every major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

We have funded more than 200 BCRF innovative research grants globally to defeat breast cancer with more than $50 million and these are the researches we fund.

-TUMOR BIOLOGY : Understanding how cancer cells spread form breast to vital organs like brain, lungs, liver and bone.

-HEREDITY & ETHNICITY : Understanding how BRCA1/BRCA2 gene mutations increase risk and developing new treatments for BRCA cancers.

-LIFESTYLE & PREVENTION : Exploring association of obesity and breast cancer risk.

-TREATMENT : Developing new treatments for triple-negative breast cancer.

-SURVIVORSHIP : Understanding how treatment affects memory and cognition.

-METASTASIS : The development of a blood-based tool to detect metastasis before a tumor can grow.


Digital Partnerships

The Estee Lauder Companies Korea has been raising breast cancer awareness in Korea since its first launching in 2001, it is the 16th year that The Estee Lauder Companies Korea has led the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in Korea. Every October, The Estee Lauder Companies Korea has been actively leading various campaign activities including illuminations, digital programs, and partnerships.

#Pinktouch Relay EventScreen Shot 2016-10-04 at 12.08.14 PM

Take part in the #Pinktouch app download relay together with your loved ones.  Download PINK TOUCH and do a self-examination every month to protect your breast health! Self-examination raises the chances of early detection. Early detection is the key to higher recovery and survival rates (Korea Breast Cancer Academy Website, National Cancer Information Center Website). 

3 Reasons to Download PINK TOUCH App!

  1. Much easier self-examination.
  2. Invitation to the public event (Together Pink Ribbon Concert on in October 7th@DDP)
  3. Ticket to the 2016 BCA Campaign Bazaar

Join the Events in October and win a prize!
-Follow our BCA Campaign SNS (Instagram and Facebook) @bcackorea
-Check the #Pinktouch relay event details and upload your post with #pinktouch #BCAstrength (gifts through drawing )


Pink Ribbon Products

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The Estee Lauder Companies Korea donates a part of the profit of pink ribbon limited edition products to the Korea Cancer Society, which is used for the efforts to defeat breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer by the Numbers

  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide.
  • Every 2 minutes, a woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Breast Cancer is the second common women cancer in Korea.
  • Breast Cancer occupies 15% in domestic women cancer rate.
  • Women in 4-50s have the highest attack rate, but the disease can occur in 30s to 80s.

(Source : Korea Breast Cancer Academy 2015 Breast Cancer Report)

Breast Cancer, True or False?

  • Every women has risk of getting breast cancer, including women with no family history.
  • Three key elements increasing breast cancer attack rate are ‘women’ ‘aging’ ‘genetics’.
  • Not only women, but also men have risk of getting breast cancer.

(Breast cancer is about 100 times less common among men than among women. For men, the lifetime risk of getting breast cancer is about 1 in 1,000)
(Source : American Cancer Society)